Top 8 Augmented Reality Games for Android

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In 2016, the world was taken back by the success of a new game. Pokémon Go became a cultural phenomenon, as users around the globe engaged with the game and contributed to increasing its popularity. Although later on, server crashes and bugs killed the game, it opened doors to a new genre that is expected to set the direction of future gaming. 

According to recent research by eMarketer, about 93.3 million Americans use AR technologies once, and this number corresponds to 28.1% of the American population. 

This is why lots of developers and entrepreneurs are currently thinking about the best way to introduce and launch a successful augmented reality game to appeal to hardcore gamers of all interests. 

Despite the popular business applications, more people are interested in using AR for entertainment and gaming purposes. Augmented reality gaming is undoubtedly the future of gaming, creating a fun, unique, and immersive experience that allows users to incorporate elements from their environment in the game’s storyline or target. 

In this article, we’ve listed the best 8 augmented reality games 2021 that you can enjoy or get inspired by. Each one of them works differently, but we’ve studied them all to help you evaluate each one. 

Top 8 Augmented Reality Games For Android Devices

The games we chose on our list incorporate impressive audio and visual elements to enrich users’ experiences. The idea depends on creating virtual objects and placing them in the user’s real environment.

AR and VR are currently dominating the entertainment and gaming industries, so it’s common sense that these games are only going to increase in popularity. Here are our top picks.

Jurassic World Alive

After the last update, this game became one of the best augmented reality games in 2021, with more than 10 million downloads. It focuses on a storyline where dinosaurs roam the Earth, and it’s your job to find and collect them. 

Using a map of your city, you can track and follow the dinosaurs. You can play it solo and simply move around to collect dinosaurs or get into a competitive mode and fight for humankind. 

The game features new breeds and allows you to create your own hybrid dinosaurs in the laboratory. You can also collect necessary items and rewards by visiting Supply Drops. 


Puzzles enhance cognition and short-term memory, and doing them regularly will help keep your brain in the best shape. This game allows players to move 3D blocks to complete the puzzle using an AR background or a regular one

The game keeps on progressing with 600 stages in more than 12 aesthetic stages. You can also adjust the difficulty level from easy to master, and the best thing about it is that you can finish it according to your preferences because there’s no time limit. 

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

If you’re a fan of magic, you will definitely love this game. The game incorporates elements from Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts universes into your reality to create one of the most entertaining AR games. 

You can walk around the neighborhood, explore parks, and walk down the streets while learning powerful magic spells. You will also win rewards that help you with your quest. 

This game appeals to everyone as they watch their environment turn into a magical world. You can also choose a specific profession or team up with other witches and wizards. And the best part about this is that it’s free. 

Knightfall AR

If you’re fond of strategy games, you will definitely love this one. It takes you on a journey of tactics and exciting action where you fight against warriors. 

This AR game allows the user to use their viewpoint and target enemies as they march. You can earn gold, kill the enemies, and defend your belongings as you play. You can even use the Photo Mode and choose characters from the game to use them however you like. 

Temple Treasure Hunt

This is one of the best AR games for Android, featuring an interactive map with geo-tracking to make your life a little bit more interesting. It’s an interesting treasure hunt game that features interesting trails that take you to the buried treasure in a temple. 

When you play this game, you can either choose to be a treasure protector or hunter. Your role as a protector is to create treasure trails to keep your treasure safe, or you can be a hunter and try to find it. It’s an excellent AR game for history and mythology lovers as ancient Indian mythology characters rise to protect the treasure. 

Egg, Inc.

This is one of the most popular augmented reality mobile games for kids and adults. You can create your own chicken farm in your living room and follow the chickens as they hatch and move around, so set up the game wherever you like because it’s so versatile. 

The crisp 3D graphics and bright colors make this game so popular. You can wait until the eggs hatch, sell them, earn points, and repeat. You can play this game for free or advance faster after paying for items. There are hundreds of challenges to explore, so it’s highly unlikely that you will get bored of this game. 


This game is the perfect choice for someone who wants to explore their artistic side. If you have no time to sit and draw a sketch from scratch, you can cheat a little with the help of this game. 

Through your smartphone’s camera, you can create an outline and easily follow it to create a unique sketch. It also turns your portraits into amazing sketches, and there are several interactive games to enhance your drawing skills. Moreover, there’s room for beginner artists with drawing courses and a step-by-step guide to help you learn how to become a better artist. 

Zombies, Run!

For those who enjoy morning jogs, this game will be an excellent addition to your workout schedule as you can run around your neighborhood while avoiding zombies and learning how to survive among them. 

Every run is an immersive experience where you become the hero as you live in a world where zombies rule. Moreover, it’s an exciting way to put you in the mood for going out and burning a few calories

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