Pokemon Go and Augmented Reality Will Improve Your Health

Pokemon Go and Augmented Reality Will Improve Your Health

Remember that article about AR technologies in a medical examination? We wrote that those apps are more useful for you and your health than Pokemon Go. Forget it! Stanford scientists made a research on how Pokemon Go and augmented reality effects on vitality. And guess what? Catch ’em all, and you will live longer.

Active Pokemon Go players get approximately 26 percent more physical activity than they got before playing AR game, according to Stanford University and Microsoft Research study. People engaged in finding Pokemon in their surrounding make 1,473 more steps per day, and going for a walk, as we all know, increases life expectancy. Besides that Pokemon Go is one of the best augmented reality games, it also improves your health. Sounds great, isn’t it? 32,000 people, 3 months and two scientists. That is the scale of Stanford/Microsoft research. Ryen W. White and Eric Horvitz analyzed data from wearable Microsoft Band computer, they determined how much users play Pokemon Go and calculated correlation between catching Pokemon and walking more often. One single research is just a beginning. It couldn’t be fundamental. But Stanford researcher hopes that it will be a beginning for further studies and answer many fundamental questions.

For more details about research process and data find materials on Cornell University Library.

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