New Augmented Reality Smartphone from Lenovo

New Augmented Reality Smartphone from Lenovo

Lenovo will present first augmented reality smartphone in 2016. The company collaborated with Google to bring it to the customers as soon as possible. The development platform of Project Tango is the base of the smartphone. Expected price of smartphone would be circa $500.

What is Project Tango?

Project Tango, if you haven’t heard about it earlier, is an augmented reality app, which uses cameras and sensors to track motion and identify the surrounding. Project Tango, apart from these applications, allows functionality like indoor maps, which will do without GPS.

Briefly about Lenovo’s Tango Phone

Johnny Lee, head of Tango Project, describes his project as something fantastic that comes beyond the boundaries of a touchscreen. Cooperation with Lenovo helps Project Tango to be more accessible to users and developers, to experience the combination of virtual and real world and create something new.

Jeff Meredith, the Vice President at Lenovo, added that they cooperated with Google to share with a customer a smart deviñe based on Tango. They are very proud of result they get on this stage of the effort and looking forward to being a leader in this area.

For now, the company just displayed an image of smartphone’s prototype. It’s too early to disclose some other details about the device. Even the final design could be changed at the time of project’s launch.

Lenovo’s smartphone will get a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Its screen will be below 6.5 inches.

Jeff Meredith informed that over 5,000 developers are working on apps for augmented reality smartphone.

What do you think? How will customers accept the augmented reality smartphone? Would you like to buy it?

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