Magic Lamp to Experience AR Technology Without Glasses

Magic Lamp to Experience AR Technology Without Glasses

HoloLamp is one of the most interesting debuts at CES 2017, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It is a projector that makes AR possible without any other special equipment. You need no smartphone or special glasses to see animated images.

Do you remember that Star Wars scene where Chewbacca and R2-D2 are playing a board game? HoloLamp experience looks a lot like this hologram. Basically, HoloLamp is a combination of projector, video cameras, and Unity gaming software. This AR Project was founded last spring by ar company HoloLens London department. Considered, its product would be used for education, work and for the gaming experience. Guillaume Chica, the HoloLamp cofounder, told why was so important to move away from the headset. The headset is uncomfortable, it limits user’s field of view, while HoloLamp allows achieving the same result without additional equipment. The hands-free and glasses-free technology allow the user to feel free with AR technology. You can use your PlayStation 4 controller with HoloLamp. To experience Star Wars holographic technologies, you need an HDMI cord and a Windows 10 or Mac OS computer.

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