Augmented Reality: Want to Try?

Augmented Reality: Want to Try?

Active Listening headphones are the way to bring augmented reality to your ears. Doppler Lab presented their new device on CES this year, it already could be considered one of the top high-tech wearables. This ear-buds will provide a brand new audio experience and you will feel like you’ve been teleported to the different futuristic reality. Augmented reality solutions give you more, no doubt!

Play the sound

The audio simulation sample is available here ( Try it to understand how it works. Here you’ll get different sound effects like Flang, which make you feel like on psychedelic gig even if you’re listening some boring lecture, and Reverb, which makes a small room’s sound like a concert hall. The controls are simple as common EQ, it’s the same if you just listen to music on your smartphone.

How Does it Work?

Microphone in Active Listening headphones receives audio, and then onboard processor, placed in each bud, makes changes, which you hear. Real sound combines with effects and you get your personalized experience. Earbuds can be useful if you’re taking a long trip to drown out the sound of the engine or a crying baby. The pair of Active Listening would cost circa $250.

Doppler Lab created a new approach for augmented reality technology. While the majority of apps are dealing with a sight they’ve chosen to use other sense. Sound became important in this augmented reality device.

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