Augmented Reality Applications will Protect People from Ocean Danger

Augmented Reality Applications will Protect People from Ocean Danger

Pocket Patrol is a Samsung augmented reality app made in partnership with Surf Life Saving Australia. They are currently trailing it at Queensland’s Coolum Beach and Alexandra Headland. Tests will last for weeks.

Everyone agrees that looking at your smartphone isn’t normal beach activity, but here we get an app that warns beachgoers about ocean dangers. Philip Newton, president of Samsung Australia, admitted that Pocket Patrol is not a safety device, but an educational tool to help people. It’s hard to identify a rip, but many people are sure that they can spot it and avoid. That’s why it is necessary to explain to people what rips are and how they look like. Samsung created an app that reflects current beach conditions. Lifesavers will program the app to show hidden hazards and are able to update it if something changes during the day. Beachgoer after downloading Pocket Patrol should visit a checkpoint to sync the app with programme updates. When looking at the beach through camera app will allow the visitor to see signposts with current dangers. In case of success, Samsung hopes to broaden the availability of Pocket Patrol across all Australian beaches and mobile platforms, including iOS. Samsung augmented reality technology can be a good example of how people can use their smartphone to avoid dangers.

For more information, you can visit Surf life-Saving website. They really take care about safety at the beach.

And if you want to create augmented reality applications to prevent people from different kinds of danger like Samsung did it, just check more information on our website and contact us. We will be glad to help you solve any issues.

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