Augmented Reality Applications that Can Substitute Pokemon Go

Augmented Reality Applications that Can Substitute Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go became so popular because of its ability to bring digital animation into real world using your smartphone camera. But guess what? Pokemon Go is not the only application that uses similar technology. So here is the short-list of apps not linked to Nintendo’s game.


Developed by the same company as Pokemon Go, this app has many similarities, but also is more complex than other games that require collecting virtual things around us in the real world. AR world of Ingress now hits millions of players. Game encourages physical exercise; players should look for new spots and expand teams’ territory. You can also drive, but it would disable some gaming functions.


Blippar is an app that we can call Google’s technical AR Wikipedia. It helps you discover new interesting things about the physical world around. Just point your smartphone’s camera at the object and get information about it. There are also QR Blippar codes in various places with the possibility of a new AR experience on your phone.


Geocaching is one more outdoor application that will allow you to explore your closer neighborhood. Like Pokemon Go it gets you to look for some objects, but unlike Pokemon Go there objects are real. The whole idea of the game is to share your finds with other players.


Wikitude allows you to open AR content in magazines and billboards and create your own content. But the best part is that you can browse your current location for some place of interest thought AR.

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