Apple Glasses: Estimate Release Date, Features, and Leaks

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Everyone in the field of AR knows that Apple has been exploring this market at least for the last 10 years. Still, experts have confirmed that the long-awaited Apple glasses will probably take the world by surprise. 

The primary purpose of this new hardware is to make augmented reality technologies more accessible, more affordable, and easier to use. Apart from professional applications, Apple is determined to bring the AR concept to your fingertips in comfortable yet exceptional glasses that will literally transform your world.

But what are the features of this amazing invention? When will we be able to touch the future? 

There’s no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic and its effect on the business world has postponed some of the plans. Still, soon enough, everyone will be able to lay their hands on Apple AR glasses. 

Apple Glasses
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Apple Glasses Design

The first thing we want to know is what these glasses will look like. 

Expectedly, they’re designed to look like a comfortable pair of glasses. This means that users can only tell that they’re digital and explore their full potential after putting them on. 

Apple glasses are head-mounted and comfortable to use. They’re expected to be sleek and lightweight, with interchangeable headbands to fit all users. 

Although initial prototypes suggest that the glasses are expected to weigh between 200 and 300 grams, Apple is working on reducing the weight, thus allowing more users to use them comfortably.

Rumors suggest that the initial prototypes are made of plastic, but Apple might consider using metal or any other material once the product is launched. 

There’s another debate about how the lenses will look. We strongly believe that Apple won’t restrict its design to the traditional look of AR and VR devices because Apple designs to excel. 

Some suggest that the company might introduce lenses that resemble those worn by Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder, paying homage to his creativity. However, we don’t expect to see this in the early releases.  

Apple aims at creating fashionable and stylish glasses that can be worn by anyone, not a geeky device. 

Apple Glasses
Apple Glasses Source

Features of Apple Glasses

Apple glasses are designed to redefine the world of AR hardware. Each device features an adaptive display that gathers elements from the user’s environments then adds effects to enhance the image. Here is what we know about the Apple glasses as for now.

  • Although these glasses are mainly used for augmented reality, there’s some speculation that they might also use virtual reality technology. There were rumors that the company will devote a unique device to VR. However, experts suggest that the new glasses will most likely allow users to switch between both technologies. 
  • Unlike other AR devices, Apple glasses will be able to adjust the brightness based on the user’s environment to reduce the discomfort that might put off users from using this technology for a long time. Adjusting the brightness is also expected to activate a power-saving mode that allows users to enjoy their AR glasses for longer periods. 
  • These glasses are likely to have LiDAR tracking, a remote sensing method that measures the distance between the user and an object. 
  • The glasses will come with a stand to charge them wirelessly and make them highly accessible, 

Functionality of Apple Glasses

So, the question is: How do these glasses work?

Experts suggest that Apple is probably going to work on improving the features of the latest version of the iOS 13 and add more features to create the glassOS. 

The amount of data processed, powerful processor, and LiDAR technology are likely to lead to the need for a huge battery that produces that much power, but Apple realizes that this is undesirable. 

In the initial stage, AR glasses will probably deliver AR info into our eyes and use the iPhone processor to process this data. However, eventually, these devices are expected to evolve and become standalone devices that users can use whether they have access to an iPhone or not. 

The UI, called Starboard or glassOS, is expected to explore the amazing features of these glasses. While there are no leaks about the features of Starboard, it’s expected to be an improvement of the current Springboard, which works with Apple TV

By creating an immersive experience, the glasses might be able to substitute the phone for most functions, including taking and making calls. There’s little known about how this can be done, but users might be able to tap the glasses’ arms or press a button to do that. 

Other speculations state that there might be a small wearable device that can be worn on the finger to activate the glasses’ functions. Gesture controls are also expected to be in use. 

Users will be able to see data displayed on both lenses, with the ability to turn the glasses off when needed. 

There’s no news that these glasses will be available in a sunglasses version, but we can definitely expect Apple to improve their device in the next few years. 

Expected Uses of Apple AR Glasses

Now, you’re asking: Should I buy the Apple glass device? What can these augmented reality glasses do?

Some of these uses are not expected to be seen with the first release, but we don’t doubt Apple’s ability to explore the full potential of these innovative devices. 

  • These glasses will display information from your phone on the lens of the glasses. Emails, texts, calls, weather updates, stock market updates, games, and other user-related data will be displayed over the user’s field of vision. 
  • Users will be able to use these glasses for navigation as they export map images with Real Live updates. This feature will come in handy when you’re walking or cycling. 
  • The glasses can be used to enhance vision in low-light conditions. By adjusting the brightness, users will be able to navigate their surroundings easily. 
  • The apple glasses can be used to correct vision problems, thanks to the complex vision system. Since all details are adjustable, users will be able to fine-tune the settings to cater to their needs. 
  • One of the best commercial applications of these glasses can be seen in the field of medicine. Surgeons can see information related to their surgeries while checking vitals without taking their eyes off the patient. 
  • Creating simulated environments will make training and education more accessible. Apple glasses can be used to enhance users’ experience in various industries by adding elements that users can use and refer to. 

Apple Glasses Release Date

There’s some conflict regarding this date due to several factors — the company is still working on improving the device, and the pandemic has hit several markets really hard. 

According to Tech Youtuber Jon Prosser, the initial release date was set to be in 2021, after the VR glasses are released. However, this launch was also postponed. 

Since we don’t expect to see VR glasses before 2022, Apple AR glasses are expected to hit the market later. 

Experts expect Apple AR glasses to be officially released in late 2022 or even 2023, which means that they will be available to the public at a later date. 

Cost of Apple Smart Glasses

Now comes the big question: How much are we expected to pay to lay our hands on this amazing device?

Known as a reputable leaker, Jon Prosser suggests that the glasses are expected to retail for $499, excluding any accessories that might be needed to use them properly. 

However, some experts disagree, as the cost of material can easily mount up to $499. 

Since Apple is known to put high price tags on their devices, the glasses can retail for as much as other Apple premium devices like the iMac Pro, currently retailing between $1299 and $1699


We can’t deny how excited we are about the launch of Apple glasses because they’re expected to excel where other AR devices have fallen short. In addition to being aesthetically appealing, we strongly believe that they will change the way everyone is dealing with AR. 

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