Air Hogs Brought the Strangest Game of E3 This Year

Air Hogs Brought the Strangest Game of E3 This Year

Mission Drone is a remote control drone featuring augmented reality.

Once upon a time, years ago E3 was very off place to go where you could meet nerds and weirdoes dealing with gaming technologies. But now, if you come to E3, you can hardly remember the strange place it was before. E3 became safer, more common and less exotic place.

But still, E3 could surprise you. This year Air Hogs stand was a place that attracted everyone. They showed their Mission Drone, a remote control toy drone, that is a part of mobile game, simulation of military operation.

To play this game one needs a mobile device, tablet for example, a small special mat on the ground, which displays in your device as a space station, and drone itself. You control the drone that moves above the matt, drops troops on the territory of space station and collects aliens.

Game follows standard RPG upgrade system, every soldier has their own specialties and it’s possible to upgrade them all. Interesting detail is that the toy drone upgrades during game, it becomes faster and moves more skilfully.

You can watch the video on youtube, that’ll explain how everything works. Air Hogs Connect: Mission Drone launches this autumn on Android and iOS and will cost $149.

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