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Augmented Reality Technology in a Japanese Theme Park

Japanese park launches sleeping capsules that will float from one attraction to another while you’re sleeping. Two-storied spherical structures with bedroom and bathroom sections were presented in Huis Ten Bosch, in Sasebo, Japan. Huis Ten Bosch is a theme park that recreates old Dutch buildings and The Netherlands’ landscapes.

The developers of capsules hope that by the end of the year park visitors could stay there for a night traveling from island to island and exploring new attractions. 39,000sqm uninhabited island in Omura Bay is all about attractions including ones with augmented reality technology. The cost of a capsule would be about $400 per night. Guests will be able to admire both the park and underwater landscapes from there capsules. It is not the first time of using ar entertainment but definitely one of the most successful. This is not the first time Huis Ten Bosch has introduced such unique services. Two years ago they launched Henn na Hotel (Weird Hotel in English) where all staff is robots. Dinosaur pours you drinks and in every room, you have a Siri-like robot to answer questions about weather, time and other. Henn na Hotel is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the first robot-staffed hotel in the world.

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