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Augmented Reality in Education Improves Children’s Literacy


Operium Baldwin, kindergarten teacher in Crosby ISD, uses augmented reality to teach her students. They learn about arctic animals with the help of AR technology. She noticed that her students are more interested in learning when they deal with interactive materials instead of textbooks.

Baldwin wanted to find the way to engage her students with nonfiction materials, to make education a fun. Augmented reality in education seemed a perfect decision to help kids to become more aware of the real-world environment. She brought augmented reality into her classroom to get kids excited about reading. Baldwin created PicCollages with arctic animals as they started to study this topic. The teacher used Aurasma Studios, an augmented reality program, to create AR posters. Her students can scan pictures and the video reveals. After watching it, students fill in information in a graphic organizer about arctic animals to check what they’ve learned. The best thing about these AR lessons is that kids can take a trip into the world of arctic animals without leaving the classroom. AR technology allows her students to become more independent and collaborative in their studies.

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