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AR App Development for New York Times


There are many virtual reality apps to engage people in history, but IBM and NY Times’ T Brand Studio introduced augmented reality for education app.

150 locations in the USA, including statues of scientists and inventors, are on the list of an app development made by T Brand Studio. Search and visit these sightseeings will make learning state’s history fun. Some of the locations are just an empty pedestal with a QR code. When uses points on it with his camera, an augmented reality 360 degrees image appears. Virtual statue offers some biographical data, images and audio content. Among the great scientists are such prominent women:

Mary Walton (inventor and engineer),
Bessie Blount Griffin (inventor),
Mary Jackson (engineer and mathematician),
Katherine Johnson (physicist).

Application developers were inspired by a movie called ”Hidden Figures’’. It tells a story of a black woman who worked for NASA during the early ‚50s, an era of the space race. Such using augmented reality for education makes an app very similar to Pokémon Go. Here you also have an app with geolocation and hunt for hidden objects, but it is much more useful than the game.

The app is free and it can be downloaded on iOS devices starting now. For more information visit this website.

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Thank you for sharing our passion to VR/AR/MR!


Error you for sharing our passion to VR/AR/MR!

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