Allo virtual store app

Project Description

Allo Virtual Shop


Project Description

Allo virtual store is a revolutionary AR-based shopping experience created for one of the biggest Ukrainian electronics retailers. It opens the door to the virtual environment to explore the 800-item catalog of photo-like real-size 3D models. The app allows users to try products in their real environment and even filter the catalog according to their available space measures

The final version of an App solved ALLO’s problem «in style» — thanks to the customizable interior of the store.

Project goal

Selling a new product line without opening more physical stores as well as creating wow-effect for customers. The first version of the app was focused on providing an additional sales tool for the consultants in the brick-and-mortar stores. Later the goal is to go public and conquer the customer base.

Building a full ecommerce store in Unity has been quite a task for the team, yet we made it happen. We managed to get together: 

  • Catalog with various categories and an interactive shopping space in AR
  • Filters (including AR ruler as a filter) 
  • Favorites and purchases
  • Integration with the website for actual stock and prices
  • Huge 3D pipeline with test environment
  • 3 levels of models tests and quality assurance. 

We even managed to create different environments for supervisors, sales and end customers. 2 years of development resulting in one of the most complex yet interesting experiences. In the end, we get a virtual showroom that is a fully customizable space with dedicated display cases that could be changed daily.

So why exactly Augmented Reality, and not a special website? Here’s our vision: Online and offline decision-making are polar. Offline is emotional and judged mostly «by the looks of it». Online is strictly rational. AR has a unique ability to unite such polar things in the middle ground of virtual experience made real. Users could get to an emotional feeling by accessing products in their own space, thus judging whether they would like to purchase or keep surfing the catalog. Photorealistic models with true measures and animated parts make it easier for a person to «feel like buying it».


Apps for iOS and Android for AR-based shopping experience in a virtual store and an effective tool that expands the reach to goods in stores that don’t have them on display or even better — remotely at home. The Main purpose is to help in the decision-making process and expand the brands reach and image, embracing its innovative approach to customer relations and engagement.