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A New Wave of AR in Education – It Comes to a School Gym


Canadian tech company SAGA just launched a new AR project called The Interactive Gym. The main idea is to take traditional school gym and add the augmented reality skee-ball placed on the walls.

Recently SAGA posted video presentation on Youtube to show how it looks. Images of different shapes appear on the walls while kids throw balls to shatter them. Vincent Routhier, SAGA’s CEO, commented on some technical sides of the project. They used 3D camera vision to detect all interactions on the walls and floor. It’s very similar to games that use projection mapping, sound and light effects.
The Interactive Gym is an AR project that tries to turn school gym into a playground for learning. Vincent Routhier thinks that using AR in education will make more fun even for those kids who are not really into sports. Next SAGA’s step would be to create more games and make augmented reality available to the young generation. The first prototype of the AR gym will appear in the Externat St-Jean-Berchmans, an elementary school in Quebec City, Canada. The element of augmented reality in the physical world is more interesting than isolation of virtual reality, believes Routhier.

For more information visit Interactive playground website. 

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Thank you for sharing our passion to VR/AR/MR!


Error you for sharing our passion to VR/AR/MR!

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