According to the most humble estimates, annual AR market growth will reach 77% starting from 2017.
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We Are

We are an experienced team of 3D artists. We know how to create an environment. And we know how to inhabit it.

Yet our specialization lies in the creation of hard surface models. We are professionals. And we love our job. That’s why we always meet all the requirements even when they seem improbable.

As Walt Disney put it: “It's kind of fun to do the impossible”.



Marker based AR, ARKit&ARCore, GEO based AR, Facebook AR, Web AR, Projected AR


Mobile VR iOS & Android, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, HTC Focus, Oculus Go,


Microsoft HoloLens, Vuzix, Meta, ODG, Magic Leap, Leap Motion, Epson


  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Visualization
  • Character Modeling
  • Digital Sculpting
  • High-poly Modeling
  • Texture Baking
  • Environment Modeling
  • Hard Surface Modeling
  • Rigging
  • Texturing
  • PBR Texturing

Our cases


  • We are capable of creating a large number of low polycount models
  • We create proper 3D models for animation
  • We guarantee 100% accuracy and photorealism of our models
  • We are capable of managing a big team in large-scale projects
  • We create 3D models for a real-time rendering
  • We guarantee to complete the project on time and on budget


We increase customer engagement and improve brand awareness; enhance the in-store experience and reduce costs for rent/salaries; expedite the enterprise operations and reduce the number of human errors. Long story short, we provide business solutions for literally any industry

Solutions in

Marketing Icon


When a digital strategy is not as effective as you expected, it’s time to add AR/VR/MR marketing to the menu. VR/AR/MR marketing campaign is the ultimate chance to increase customer engagement, improve brand awareness, and send the message of credibility and trust to customers. More than that, AR/VR/MR in marketing create WOW effect giving any brand an excellent competitive advantage.

Retail Icon


Competing with online stores is impossible unless you use VR/AR/MR in retail. These technologies reduce costs for operations, provide clients with the most accurate visual information about the products, and enhance the in-store experience. Opening a virtual reality store is the best solution for the retailers who aim to reduce costs for rent/ salaries and give customers the possibility to preview goods before buying.

E-Commerce Icon


AR/VR/MR can help online stores in solving one of the biggest problems: goods returns due to buyer’s remorse. Try before you buy option (no matter if it’s furniture, clothes or electronics) solves all the problems for online stores. Visualization in AR/VR decreases customers’ disappointment and turns stressful shopping into the entertainment. Today AR/VR/MR build the bridge between traditional shopping and online shopping transforming e-commerce into v-commerce.

Enterprise Icon


Thinking about reducing the number of human errors and speeding up the operations? The possibilities are unlimited with VR/AR/MR technologies. For example, overlaying digital information over the equipment with the help of AR will decrease the discrepancies at the enterprise immensely. All in all, VR/AR/MR at enterprise mean lower costs, faster processes, more trials and errors without any risks.

Healthcare Icon


Modern healthcare specialists use AR/VR/MR to improve the level of healthcare services, minimize the risk for human health, and reduce costs, of course. Visualizing organs, taking virtual tours inside the body, overlaying veins in AR to alleviate manipulations are tangible benefits of AR/VR/MR in the healthcare sector. Implications of VR in psychotherapy are very exciting. No doubt that the future of healthcare is technological.

Training/Education Icon


Modern educational methods are archaic that is why students stare at their smartphones instead of listening to their teachers. AR/VR/MR enhance educational process with the help of bright and accurate visualization, interactivity, and gamification. These technologies are used to visualize complex 3D objects, such as human heart or volcano eruption with 100% accuracy.

Manufacturing Icon


Companies that don’t implement technological innovations can’t stand the competition. VR/MR/AR technologies are transforming manufacture from within making it more effective, safer, and more productive. VR/AR/MR are a catalyst for QA, design, production in manufacture. More than that, AR/VR/MR are a perfect tool for on-the-spot interactive training instead of long printed guidelines.

Business Icon


The sky is the limit for business processes optimization especially when VR/AR/MR applications are added to the business. It’s always possible to do things more effectively, faster, and spend less with mixed, virtual, and augmented reality solutions for the business. Because technological solutions are created for optimization.

Real Estate Icon


AR/VR/MR enhance the work of real estate agents thanks to the stunning level of visualization. With the help of AR/VR/MR applications, it’s easy to create a realistic image of any environment in smallest details building the emotional connection between customers and their future houses. Instead of PowerPoint presentations and endless stories, a real estate agent can give potential clients a headset and guide them to the house of their dreams.

Public Security Icon


The problem with military training is that it must be realistic, dangerous, and very costly. VR for military solves this problem effectively. With VR, any type of military training is affordable and absolutely safe. More than that, VR flight simulation, battlefield simulation, and vehicle simulation can be more effective than real ones. Training in VR is the best way to improve muscle memory, reactions, stress resistance or even language skills.

Automotive Icon


Designing and testing car prototypes is challenging, time-consuming, and costly. It’s possible to improve and speed up these operations with the help of VR/AR/MR. That is why the biggest car manufacturers have embraced these technologies eagerly. Soon car dealerships will be totally virtual and customers will have the chance to choose and test drive a car from home!

Entertainment Icon


VR/AR/MR is the trick that can make you customers exclaim "WOW!” Years ago we had to go somewhere for the entertaining experience of the show but today we have all the entertainment of this world in our gadgets. For many companies, VR/AR/MR in entertainment are the ultimate chance to increase the target audience because, let’s be honest, the majority of modern media consumers love their gadgets more than going out.

Architecture/Design Icon


How to make the customer or investor fell in love with the future house? How to create an emotional attachment to the apartment that doesn’t exist in reality yet? VR/AR/MR architectural visualization is one of the most effective trends in architecture and the final argument that can make a potential customer say “Yesss!” Accurate and detailed visualization of construction projects is one of the main pain points of modern architects. It helps in the construction process, it is inevitable for successful sales.

Logistic Icon


Human errors are inevitable in logistics, and unfortunately, they cost a fortune to operators. The thing is that warehouse workers perform a number of manual operations: they need to find the correct product among thousands of other products, scan it, and manage the order in a short time for delivery. All these operations can be enhanced with the help of augmented reality - overlaying digital manuals over physical objects is one of the best AR solutions in logistics.


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