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VR applications for the phone

Smartphone VR is just the beginning of an inevitable virtual future. The number of applications for virtual reality is constantly growing and offers new ways to plunge into the world of fantasies and magic. It's hard to imagine our lives without the benefits of smartphone's multifunctionality, but today it opens the gate into another dimension due to VR applications for VR virtual reality.

Android applications are created not only for entertainment. Many of them allow to explore the universe, structure of the solar system and actually feel like a real astronaut watching three-dimensional realistic models of planets, comets, stars, asteroids and other celestial objects. In addition, the virtual reality for the phone also allows you to have a journey inside the human body or even its cell, see the detailed structure of the brain, blood, nervous and other systems, and just learn better the mechanism of the body. Similar VR products are equally good and useful for both children and their parents.

For adrenaline lovers, virtual reality on the smartphone gives an opportunity to ride a roller coaster in a virtual attraction park, try the most extreme sports, jump from the tallest building on the planet or get locked in a cage with a lion. There are no limits! Besides, after having these feelings in VR games, you will definitely know whether it's worth to experience it for real.

VR apps use your phone's screen and glasses functioning very similar to the headphones'. The real environment is replaced by a virtual space and, even though physically you keep staying at the same place, your reality is fully identified with virtuality. Thus, with the help of a helmet you are in two spaces simultaneously, and it is extremely difficult to distinguish one from another.

Virtual reality for a smartphone turns the usual passive mode of watching the video into interactive participation, deeply involving your perception and immersing you in a process that earlier you could only watch.

We develop and improve VR software, because our team is motivated by the idea of making this world a better place to live!


Each project is unique, we don't have template solutions and prices.

As usual our costs start from 4400$

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