Mobile apps with AR augmented reality and VR virtual reality for Android and iPhone iOS
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VR games

Virtual reality for PC and smartphones introduces you to the world of games with limitless space and incredible opportunities.

100% immersion in virtuality becomes possible with the help of VR-applications and special devices which are now available for mass consumer. Every day their number is growing, variety becomes more impressive, while the quality is getting higher, so that players can have more colorable experience.

Comfortable glasses or a helmet being developed for both Android and other operating systems are used as an equipment for the virtual reality games. Some of them are independent devices opening gates to artificial space and allowing to play without any additional tools.

The review of current trends on the market of innovative technologies gives hope for a pretty good future in the field of the games industry, whereas IT companies are constantly finding more unique solutions. Taking into account how rapidly they are being released, science fiction is no longer a fiction, but rather a plan for the technological development of mankind.


Each project is unique, we don't have template solutions and prices.

As usual our costs start from 4400$

Please contact us, to discuss your projects and its budget.


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