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Vitamino Mania

Vitamino Mania is an AR mobile app for both Android and iOS developed by WeAR studio for local Ukranian retail company Digma.

This app was a part of promotional event in the Digma stores the August 2017, so all the customers could upload the app and scan the markers - specific images of fruits and vegetables on gift magnets, advertising banners, packages, etc. 

The main value of the app - is a longterm communication between the brand and customer, viral effect on Ukrainian market and brand modernization with such a digital tool.

Augmented reality is an awesome tool for retail companies, Vitamino Mania has proved it! 


Скриншот Vitamino Mania
Скриншот Vitamino Mania
Скриншот Vitamino Mania
Скриншот Vitamino Mania

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