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Mixed Reality

Extend our physical world with 3D holograms

  • MR apps run directly on specific wearables as Microsoft HoloLens, Vuzix or Meta. Filling up your common environment with live 3D hologram objects, giving you a chance not only to look at it, but even to interact with gestures, voice and gaze.

Mixed Reality makes another evolutionary leap in the world of technologies!

New achievements in the field of innovative technologies are being announced and released surprisingly fast, and their diversity keeps growing as well. In other words, no one can stop the progress. We can only allow the virtual reality to appear in our lives and enjoy the inventions of humanity. Just like Elon Mask said, predicting the cybernetic revolution in the whole world, 'If you cannot resist them, become one of them.'

Новые разработка. Смешанная реальность фото
Голограммы. Смешанная реальность фото

Mixed reality combines reality and virtuality, creating various objects and augmenting familiar environment. Quite often, they also use the term 'hybrid reality'. Anyway, this technology has absorbed the best opportunities from AR and VR. Its goal is to integrate and capture VR images in the real environment so that you could interact with them and perceive them as if they were absolutely real.

Mixed reality devices and applications are designed to create a different dimension, where the difference between physical and digital objects is blurred. They are getting more and more in-demand in art, entertainment, education, business and even military areas.

Физические и цыфровые обьекты. Смешанная реальность фото


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