VR Porn Will Make 50% of all VR Content: Don’t Say You’re Surprised
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VR Porn Will Make 50% of all VR Content: Don’t Say You’re Surprised

OK, I will tell you everything about VR porn. Sit down and listen. It seems like VR porn is what  we’ve been waiting for so long. It all started with the pictures of naked women men hid under the mattresses, and now it’s finally reached the level of mind shattering, emotional, and fully immersive experience. With a powerful HMD, users receive the possibility to have sex anytime anywhere with anyone. Virtual, of course.  

The main benefit of entering a VR porn market is that there is no need to search for customers. Adult entertainment has the army of loyal users who can buy VR goggles if they see that there is decent content for that.  According to Forbes, Porhub increased its VR porn content from 30 videos and a handful of views a day to over 2,600 videos and more than 500,000 views over 2 years.  

You doubt that HMDs will be accessible soon?Technology is evolving so quickly that VR goggles can replace a smartphone, at least that is what Marc Zuckerberg predicts. In other words, we all will have VR/AR/MR glasses that will look normal instead of a dozen of devices, such as smartphones, TV sets or laptops. And when we have them, we will watch VR porn for sure.


The moment VR porn appeared, customers actually started searching for it themselves. That's another argument proving that virtual reality porn market has target audience ready to invest their money into it.

The dynamics in 2015-2016 years was impressive: the searchers for VR porn increased for 9.900% over 17 months.

It literally means that when common people hear about VR porn from their friends and colleagues, they decide to learn more about this subject surfing the Internet. Naughty America, one of the biggest players on the market of VR porn, the company that demonstrated its virtual reality sex videos at the last year CES, claims that the number of users is growing so fast that they can hardly track it.

That is why analysts predict a bright future to the VR porn market. According to Fortune, it can reach $1 billion by 2025 and become the third most profitable niche of VR. The other two will be VR gaming and VR broadcasting of NFL matches. No doubt it is going to be big, like really big.

For those companies that want to buy the last tickets on the train loaded with VR porn that's leaving, it's not too late. VR porn market will welcome anyone who knows how to create perfect content or devices that can enhance the sexual experience.


Content: Virtual Reality Sex Videos or Virtual Reality Sex Games


So let's get closer to what you can actually see and experience in those VR goggles. Besides, it’s possible to use all the existing types of HMDs to try virtual reality sex. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Sony Gear VR, even Google Cardboard for $15 will do the job. As for the content, users need to choose if they want to see VR porn content, which basically means videos with real people created specifically for HMDs. Or virtual reality sex games that have animated characters created in 3D instead of real actors. What’s better? Well, tastes differ.

All VR sex content is engaging, those people who tried it say that simple 2D porn feels like ready-to-eat food compared to the restaurant meals after VR porn experience. That’s probably the reason why Pornhub added a category of VR porn videos to its website which is absolutely free.



As much as VR gaming, it's a totally immersive experience. However, instead of skiing or shooting zombies, you, well, yes, you have virtual sex with a virtual woman or a man. Or with both, depending on your tastes.

What is VR Porn in a Nutshell?


To have VR porn experience, you put on your HMD and embody an avatar created for virtual reality porn. In most cases you see some parts of the body of the avatar, those body parts you would see with your eyes if you didn’t have goggles. You find yourself inside the film with the best porn actors and actresses shot for you personally.  And you are the hero and the leading star in this film. 

Of course, you can’t say that it’s you for 100%, it’s the avatar you embody for sexual experience, and most users are aware of it during the experience. But Mashable journalist claims that at some moment you just fail to tell the difference and just get aroused.  And it’s probably the suspension of disbelief that works for virtual reality gaming as well. Well, that's what VR is all about: blurring lines between real and unreal.

But the main and most essential feature of VR porn videos is that users don’t even need much time to feel arousal. Naughty America VR provides all sorts of VR porn content for the pleasant time. On their website all virtual reality porn videos are divided into categories that do not differ much from the categories of porn websites. You can find any type of sex deviations and all types of sizes, and skin colors you want. The company invites porn stars to play in their videos that is why porn lovers see familiar faces (not only faces) each time VR porn on the website.

More than that, VR porn gives you a number of new possibilities: you can basically switch bodies with the help of VR porn videos. If you are a man, you can try how it feels in a woman’s body, and that’s definitely the experience one can hardly have in real life.

Of course, it's not difficult to guess that the majority of users of adult entertainment are men. Just typing words “virtual reality porn” in Google search and looking through VR videos briefly will give you a clear idea of who virtual reality porn is made for. 76 % of Pornhub users are male. And 92% of software developers in the Silicon Valley are male too. In other words, it’s a men’s men’s world. Psychologists claim that men are hard-wired to watch porn because of the peculiarities of their brain so the statistics is not surprising.

Well, all those who bought its ticket to the world of VR by ordering a headset can indulge themselves watching VR porn. Naughty America targets those who can afford a Google Cardboard as well because it increases the number of users immensely.


Is it Difficult to Shoot a VR porn video?


The Wired decided to dive deep into the process of VR porn videos shooting and found out that  it’s a real challenge. It turned out that BaDoinka website which creates high-quality VR porn, uses 12 GoPro cameras that shoot a complete sphere to create a total immersive experience for users.

Tod Glider, the CEO of BaDoink, says that for him VR porn video is like “empathetic eroticism” because it actually gives people the possibility to feel what other person would feel. The process of shooting is not very different from shooting traditional porn except for the accent is made on first-person view.


VR Sex Games


VR sex games are another planet in the Adult Entertainment System.They are different from virtual reality porn because there are human bodies rendered by the computers in them, not real actors shot with the help of 360° camera.

It’s hard to compare VR porn to VR sex games because they seem to perform different functions. First are for those who want to have the most realistic hands-on experience possible. Second are for those who want to  transform into heroes of  manga, naughty anime. No wonder the last type is so popular in Asian countries.

There are plenty of VR sex games on Asian market right now, some of them are good, some of them are bad, and some of them are definitely ugly. Among the best VR sex games I would pay attention to Honey Select VR, the game which is called a gold standard in VR sex gaming.

This game is sophisticated, it has some sort of plot and it’s visually stunning. It has all the chances to attract users.  

The quality of the graphics in the majority of virtual reality sex games is average and they lack some realism. Apart from that, they definitely lack a good plot to stimulate social interactions with characters. It seems like creators of virtual reality sex games want to get rid of anything except… well, sex, of course. But modern users need more than that: they need stories, complex personalities and yes, high-quality graphics.

Yet VR porn gaming is a very fast growing sector and more companies try themselves in VR games development. Models for these games are either imported from Daz3D and animated with the help of Maya and 3D Max created on the basis of Unity. With a team of creative 3D designers and developers it won’t be too difficult to craft a persuasive VR sex games.


Is that All That Is to VR Porn?


Yet, most users still ask “Is that all that is to VR porn?” They think that without tactile experience it’s impossible to get any sort of satisfaction. But kinky start-ups create lots of new devices and approaches to indulge VR porn users.

For instance, this developer has created something that can actually be called a VR porn sex doll called Virt-A-Mate. It’s also an animated character, yet a user can interact with her, and it can be a new level of VR sex game, more interactive and more stimulating.

There are also different sex toys for VR porn, like this one, the device that creates tactile experience synchronizing with VR sex game completely.



Yet VR sex suit is the device that raises the biggest interest. It’s a brave combination of a sex toy with a suit that promises to give its users the full pleasure. This device works with Samsung Gear VR perfectly well. VR sex suit was developed to satisfy users’ needs and it still looks… weird. It has special sensors all over the suit that make the body feel as though being touched. So far this VR sex suit looks weird but the man in the video seems to feel very pleased. Media describe it using adjectives “weird”, “disturbing”, “repulsive” but no one can teach Japan about new technologies today.


So What?


VR porn sector is one of the most lucrative and tempting for today. Not because of the content but because of the target audience that is hot, sweaty, and ready to invest their money into good content. More than that, there is no need in advertising of VR porn, people keep typing the words “VR porn” in Google search more and more often.

To enter the market of VR porn, one must reduce the stigma and start perceiving VR sex content the way CEO of BaDoinka does it, calling VR porn “empathic eroticism”. After finding the right definition, everything else must go smoothly.

Virtual reality sex games, virtual reality porn, virtual reality sex suits, and sex dolls will be in demand. Moreover, most companies are ready to adapt to the needs of their clients and offer them affordable solutions, like watching VR porn in Google Cardboard. The market of VR porn has very positive dynamics and by 2025 it can reach $1 billion. It looks like the time to create a first sex game has come.

VR sex applications and benefits are numerous: it can help handicapped people, make long-distance relationship better or end prostitution after all. In other words, think of it, VR sex can actually make this world a better place if you use it right, of course.


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