Mobile apps with AR augmented reality and VR virtual reality for Android and iPhone iOS
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Augmented Reality

Displaying digital information as a layer on top of real world

  • AR Mobile apps for Android and iOS, run on mobile phones or tablets, scan marker image and display extended reality on top of it - videos, 3D models and animations, optional buttons, audios and images.

  • Specific Admin panel gives you a chance to manage markers and content by yourself, upload new materials and display it immediately in AR mobile app.

Augmented Reality — The future is already here!

Дельфин. Дополнительная реальность фото

The development of innovative technologies has led to the fact that the so-called fiction, which seemed a distant and impossible future only several years ago, strives to become not just an entertainment, but also a necessity, without which it will soon be difficult to imagine our interaction with the surrounding world. Augmented Reality has already become of one such technologies with all sorts of gaming, medical, educational, automotive, advertising, geolocation and many other applications.

Augmented Reality allows you to see more by completing the physical world with digital data in real time using various computer devices, including tablets, mobile phones or glasses. The virtual world is superimposed on the real one, using its space, and expands it, while expanding our perception.

Creating an Augmented Reality is an immense field of activity. For kids, it is a great variety of incredible impressions, an opportunity to see the their favorite fairy-tale characters and superheroes alive, as if they are magically coming out of the pages; coloring books can turn into a world of exciting adventures full of animating illustrations and bright vivid drawings. For the computer games lovers, the development of Augmented Reality is an opportunity to go beyond their imagination and turn any place, even their own apartment, into a game portal, transferring a familiar game from the computer screen to a physical space where everything, including furniture and even walls, becomes part of the game and interacts with Virtual Reality.

At the same time, augmented reality is a revolution in the field of medicine and education, which makes it possible to see and manipulate any object of research in real time and get practical skills directly in the process of studying, apply the acquired knowledge during experience and undertake surgeries and chemical experiments with no harming and danger for yourself or the environment.

Оживающие иллюстрации. Дополнительная реальность фото
Мобильное приложение. Дополнительная реальность фото

Augmented Reality transforms completely the format of traveling, while not just helping to navigate, but also recreating historical events right in front of your eyes due to the mobile application. For example, if you're in Gettysburg village in Pennsylvania, there's a chance that Abraham Lincoln will appear right in front of you in person proclaiming the Gettysburg speech, one of the most famous speeches in the history of mankind. Imagine how an ordinary walk around the city turns into traveling in time!

Our team is ready to meet the fantastic future. We're working on the development of VR and AR augmented reality, which is going to change completely the usual view of the surrounding world, expand the boundaries of the existing reality and will make all kinds of human activities much more efficient. We create AR Augmented Reality in Kyiv, while being a part of the global market of innovative technologies designed to make lives of millions of people around the planet better.

How it work?


Download and install the application WeAR


Launch an application and point the camera to the Target

Use the AR



Each project is unique, we don't have template solutions and prices.

As usual our costs start from 3900$

Please contact us, to discuss your projects and its budget.


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