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AR for the smartphone

Augmented Reality For the Smartphone Opens the World of Amazing Opportunities.

Today Augmented Reality mobile application is a wonderful way to make our daily life brighter and much easier, overcoming physical barriers of time and space. By virtue of the Internet, almost every person is carrying a whole world in a pocket, being able to reach it by making just a slight move. However, with the appearance of Augmented Reality on the phone, this world is getting more and more expanded; the boundaries between the past and the future are being blurred, non-living objects are being animated and everything becomes possible.

AR applications for smartphones allow you to enjoy virtual catalogs of your favorite brands and make purchases directly on the pages of the magazine or in a virtual store and avoid long queues.

Using the smartphone, Augmented Reality enables you to equip your house and create interior design exactly the way you want, since you can virtually arrange any furniture and find out whether it fits in the interior of your house or not before you actually buy it.

The game can now become a part of your reality and turn an ordinary morning exercise into a zombie hunt with the help of Augmented Reality sports applications designed to make boring sports training more effective and desirable.

In addition, AR technology makes it possible to enjoy the world art and its best samples without leaving home. Imagine animated Michelangelo's 'David' in your kitchen or da Vinci's mysterious 'Mona Lisa' hanging over the fireplace in your living room!

We look at the world through the eyes of a beautiful future and strive to create new amazing opportunities to make everyone experience the privileges of our time.


Each project is unique, we don't have template solutions and prices.

As usual our costs start from 3900$

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