Mobile apps with AR augmented reality and VR virtual reality for Android and iPhone iOS
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AR for the iOS

Augmented Reality iOS is a great and simple way to see another dimension of the world. With its help you can scan objects around you, from posters, billboards and restaurant menus to hotels, museums, banks, historical sights and much more. Using your browser to get data, the AR Application helps you find exactly what you need, no matter where in the world you are.

Augmented Reality for the iPhone unfolds digital information hidden in the physical environment. Move the camera around any object in front of you, and you will expose and read it as an open book, just like in a scene from a movie about fantastic future.

Some innovative technologies are designed to use the human body for creating Virtual Reality right on it. Just using a smartphone, you can try on any jewelry or admire Cartier watches on your wrist.

Many of these mobile applications are available only for iOS, but for Android, proper AR analogues are being developed. We are working hard to blur the boundaries between possible and impossible and make everyone look beyond what the eyes can see.


Each project is unique, we don't have template solutions and prices.

As usual our costs start from 3900$

Please contact us, to discuss your projects and its budget.


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